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Ernst Haeckel Moths Tineida Art Print Framed Leaning Against A  Wall
Ernst Haeckel Moths Tineida Art Print
Ernst Haeckel Moths Tineida Art Print In A Simple Black Metal Frame
Ernst Haeckel Moths Tineida Art Print Closeup
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Ernst Haeckel Moths Tineida Art Print
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Ernst Haeckel Moths Tineida Art Print In A Simple Black Metal Frame
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Ernst Haeckel Moths Tineida Art Print Closeup

Ernst Haeckel Moths Tineida Plate 58 Scientific Illustration Art Print

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Haeckel Moths Scientific Illustration Plate 58 Art Forms of Nature (Kunstformen der Natur) Art Print

This Haeckel moth scientific illustration giclee print is a reproduction from Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur (Art Forms of Nature) which was published in 1904. It features the tineida family of moths with views of the twenty- plume moth, the white plum moth, and the diamondback moth, along with others.

I offer this print as a print only for you to mat and frame on your end, AND I offer a stylish 16" x 20" professionally matted and framed print ready to hang when it arrives on your doorstep. The 16" x 20" matted and framed print is with a thin white mat and a stylish Chelsea thin black metal frame with a matte finish.

See the first and third images above to see the finished print--during checkout you will chose whether you want your print on fine art paper or fine art canvas, matte or glossy.

Tineida is a family of moths in the order Lepidoptera. Collectively, they are known as fungus moths or tineid moths. The family contains considerably more than 3,000 species in more than 300 genera. Most of the tineid moths are small or medium-sized, with wings held roofwise over the body when at rest.

Tineida are unusual among Lepidoptera as the larvae of only a very small number of species feed on living plants, the majority feeding on fungi, lichens, and detritus. The most familiar members of the family are the clothes moths, which have adapted to feeding on stored fabrics.

The most widespread of such species are the common clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella), the case-bearing clothes moth (Tinea pellionella), and the carpet moth (Trichophaga tapetzella); the brown-dotted clothes moth (Niditinea fuscella) despite its name, preferentially feeds on feathers in bird nests. One remarkable genus is Ceratophaga, whose members feed exclusively on pure keratin in the form of the horns and hooves of dead mammals and even the shells of dead tortoises.


Ernst Haeckel was a German biologist, naturalist, philosopher, physician, professor, and artist who discovered, described and named thousands of new species, mapped a genealogical tree relating all life forms, and coined many terms in biology, including anthropogeny, ecology, phylum, phylogeny, stem cell, and Protista.

Haeckel promoted and popularized Charles Darwin's work in Germany and developed the influential but no longer widely held recapitulation theory claiming that an individual's organism's biological development parallels and summarizes its species' evolutionary development. This vintage art print is one of many by Ernst Haeckel and makes an excellent choice for your home or office, or, as a gift for any fans of biology, or antique scientific illustrations.

We offer this print as a fine art giclee print in many different sizes on fine art paper (matte or glossy) or as a professionally gallery wrapped canvas print.


We can provide your print with or without the original page title you see around the perimeter of the image, it's your personal preference, just let me know when you place your order. Our default is to create your print WITH the page title information, so, if you DON'T want it in your print, please tell me that.


Your Haeckel moth scientific illustration giclee print will be created using archival, fade-resistant, pigment inks, heavyweight, museum-quality paper and a 9-color process fine-art printer to ensure the most vivid, detailed and long-lasting print. To prevent fading, as with all prints, please never expose them to direct sunlight. To protect your investment, we recommend that you mat and frame your prints.

There is no mat or frame included with this print unless you chose the framed 16" x 20" version, or one of our ready-to-hang gallery wrapped print options.


This giclee print is offered in the most popular sizes to make matting and framing a breeze with your local retailer. The print you will receive will measure exactly the dimensions you ordered. It is designed in such a manner that all of the main image will fit well within the standard mat that comes with frames that you can purchase at many retail stores.


All of our prints are carefully positioned with an approximate eighth inch border on all sides for matting and framing, although this may vary slightly based on the size of print you order and the size of the original image. If you would like a different size border, or need to know the exact border size, or a borderless print, just let me know when you place your order.


Select the PRINT SIZE for your needs, then add the mat dimensions to the print size to determine what your final frame size should be. When you plan to mat a print, the rule of thumb is to order your PRINT SIZE one size smaller than your frame size--this allows for the addition of the mat of your choosing. For a statement wall, bigger is better, both with the print size, and the frame size.


The 5" x 7" FRAME size is a very popular size because they are the perfect size to display on a desktop at work, home, or, make an excellent gift choice

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16" x 20" FRAMES typically include a mat for an 11" x 14" PRINT |This will usually provide just over 2" of matting on each side of your image. This is a great size picture frame because you can make it a highlight piece on your wall, or part of a mixture with other frames to form a collage.


I ship worldwide in one business day after receiving your paid order. Your prints are protected with Glassine wrapping and shipped in a rigid "Do Not Bend" mailer to ensure it arrives in the same condition as when it was shipped, and for larger sizes, we ship in a sturdy cardboard tube. Your print will arrive safely, or I will replace it.


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