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Over 400 Metal Picture Frames & Over 2,000 Wood Picture Frames Await You

We offer an amazing selection of over 400 metal picture frames, and over 2,000 different wood picture frames from some of the most storied picture frame moulding producers in the world.  We hand build each frame in our own studio and ship them worldwide to our amazing customers with raving reviews.

Below you will see just a small sampling of some of the wood picture frame mouldings we use to create our frames. We can provide you with either a completely assembled frame, or, if you're an accomplished woodworker, we can provide you with perfectly mitered and sanded picture frame moulding sections cut to the proper dimensions for your project, and you can save by joining (V-Nailing recommended) the moulding sections together yourself. Our moulding sections are less costly to ship compared to a fully assembled frame.

To get started, browse through our online catalog below and let me know via a quick message which profile numbers and page numbers interest you, along with the size of your frame opening, and I'll get back to you quickly with the investment required. This is only one of our moulding catalogues, we'll be adding many others as we move forward.

To better help you visualize your art in a frame, we'll create and send you a mockup of your image(s) mounted in the frame of your choice so you can be confident with your purchase. You will also need an acid-free mat with your frame to protect your artwork from being in contact with the glazing (glass or acrylic), and to enhance the overall appearance of your framed print.

We exclusively offer Peterboro museum-quality acid-free conservation 4 ply and 8 ply mats, cut to the size of your frame opening, and cut to the appropriate window size for your artwork. Our selection of mats can be found here.

We will continually be updating this page to show all of our offerings, so if you don't see what you need today, send us a quick message describing what you would like, and we'll search through our catalogs to find the best match for you. If you have images to send, they say 1,000 words, so please send them.

Let's work together today to create the perfect picture frame for your cherished memories and artwork, and remember, "An Empty Wall is a Lonely Wall".

Metal Picture Frames & Wood Picture Frames With Pizzaz From Around The World

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